Fleeting Moments

This post is for the moms out there—you know, the ones who are usually behind the camera and rarely in front of it. I think I know how you feel. Read on, and let me know!

Maybe you feel uncomfortable about getting your picture taken. Do you seem to find something negative about every single picture of you? I confess—I do, too! But if you’re like me, you also secretly wish to have photos of yourself, where your inner beauty shines through. Sure, you want photos of you with your children or grandchildren—that’s important, too! But I’m talking now about a beautiful portrait of you. Just you.

For years I’ve been very self conscious about getting my picture taken. I’m not sure why so many of us feel this way, but I do know I want to make it better for us. With that in mind, I’m going to start offering “Let Your Light Shine” portrait sessions.

These sessions will be designed with the goal of lighting you up from the inside and capturing you as the shining star that you are. I will be combining my photography with gentle coaching to empower you and help you tune into your strength, confidence and beauty. My goal is not only to make a lovely photo of you, but also to make sure that you fully enjoy the experience of having your picture taken.

If you see yourself in these words and you’d like to discuss a “Let Your Light Shine” session, please drop me a line or pick up the phone and call me at 717-329-5985.

Some of my best photography sessions happen in the middle of winter—right about now!

Chilly weather often means there is some fantastic light outdoors, and I love to incorporate furry hoods and colorful scarves into the picture. And when it’s time to take a break from the weather, there are a variety of indoor venues for great photography—including your own home.

I just had a chance to photograph two sisters in a winter session. We spent a little time outside, but the majority of our session took place in their home, where they could kick their shoes off and get comfy. And that made for some great images. The fact that these two are gorgeous didn’t hurt, either!

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